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Contact Joel E. Marley, D.C.
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
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We are hiring an associate for a really remarkable opportunity! Whether you are going to be graduating, finishing a preceptorship, or maybe you aren't 100% happy where you are as a current associate or having your own practice.... This opportunity doesn't come up that often! We are seeking a Gonstead DC who really just has a desire to check spines and be busy doing so! How nice would it be to be paid well as a DC, be busy within a thriving practice, and not have the headaches that come with owning a practice? If you would like to inquire more, please email Joel Marley at Additional bonus: We are 100% cash, family based, and a brand new 3,000 sq ft state of the art clinic with so many bells and whistles, and have been serving our community for 9 years.