Ten Things You Should Know About Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead

  1. Dr. Gonstead was born July 24, 1898 in Willow Lake, South Dakota, and raised by traditional Norwegian parents.
  2. As a result of debilitating arthritis at the age of 18 years, Dr. Gonstead experienced chiropractic.
  3. In 1923, Dr. Gonstead graduated from Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Palmer School of Chiropractic (PSC).
  4. His first mentor was Dr. Olson, a prominent Norwegian chiropractor in Madison, Wisconsin.
  5. Group portrait of Dr. Richard Gohl and Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Gonstead

    Dr. and Mrs. Clarence S. Gonstead Dr. Richard Gohl stands behind them at a celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary

    Throughout his entire career Gonstead maintained allegiance to PSC despite Dr. B.J. Palmer’s fundamental shift towards Hole-In-One in the early 1930s. The cornerstone’s of his unique methodology—the neurocalometer and x-ray machine—never wavered.

  6. From the early 1950s, Gonstead began teaching “classes” from the basement of clinic to interested chiropractors.
  7. In the mid-1960s, Gonstead partnered with Dr. Lee Markham and Lee Vogel from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, to develop Gonstead Seminars of Chiropractic, Inc. thereby encouraging the proliferation of his concepts.
  8. Between 1965 and 1970 Gonstead regularly attended to 200 plus patients a day.
  9. A few years after Dr. B.J. Palmer’s death in 1961, the Gonstead methodology became part of the core curriculum of the PSC until the school later adopted the “Palmer Package.”
  10. Although his purpose and passion were chiropractic, Gonstead loved Cadillacs, airplanes, and modern architecture.

Matthew J Amman, DC is currently working on Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead’s definitive biography. He was a speaker on the history of Dr. Gonstead and the Gonstead Technique at GCSS’s Meeting of the Minds II in 2005.

For more information regarding Gonstead history or to share your story of the famed healer, Dr. Amman can be reached at 414-768-9000 or matthewamman@yahoo.com.