What happens when Gonstead chiropractors adjust each other

Two Gonstead chiropractors woke up one morning with severe neck pain. Dr. A showed up at Dr. D’s office for an adjustment. Dr. A scoped and palpated a T3 PLS on Dr. D. The two doctors joked about how when they were younger, Gonstead students would have competitions regarding how low they could adjust someone in the chair. Legend was that at LACC someone witnessed a doctor adjust T12 in the chair, but there was no proof. It was only a legend.

Trying to show off, Dr. A adjusted the other doctor’s T3 in the chair.

We all know the story … being two chiropractors, Dr. A held nothing back. The adjustment was specific, but he used force to get the job done. In hindsight, the force was probably too much, and Dr. D literally slid sideways out of the chair. It was a classic “too much” type of adjustment with too much ego and testosterone behind the adjustment.

After the adjustment, Dr. D exclaimed “Holly cow, now I know what my patients feel like!”

Dr. A asked, “You didn’t think I could do that, did you? Yeah, I still got it. I’m the man” – imagine Dr. A trying to give “high-fives” to himself and sticking out his chest like a peacock. It’s a classic, grand slam “adjusting T3 in the chair” after all.

Dr. D said, “That rocked my world. That was awful.”

Now it was Dr. D’s turn to adjust Dr. A. So Dr. A sat down in the chair.

Dr. D scoped Dr. A’s spine carefully and repeatedly looked for subluxations. He looked carefully. Dr. D had more experience and had been in practice longer. He also considered himself an expert and a well qualified Gonstead chiropractor.

“Damn it” stated Dr. D.

“What’s wrong?” asked Dr. A

“I’m looking, and I can’t find a T3 to get back at you with!”