Concordance between galvanic skin response and spinal paplation findings in pain-free males

Abstract: The concordance between areas of paraspinal low resistance, i.e., galvanic skin response (GSR) and positive palpatory findings in pain-free male subjects was investigated. The concordance between vertebral segments implicated by GSR and by palpation was not found to be significantly different from chance concordance as determined by a t-test comparison of experimental results to… Continue Reading »

Inter-examiner reliability of eight evaluative dimensions of lumbar segmental abnormality

Abstract: The interexaminer reliability of noninvasive methods of examining lumbar spinal segments is not well established. In this project, the interexaminer reliability of three experienced chiropractic examiners, who evaluated 21 symptomatic and 25 asymptomatic subjects, was explored. Eight noninvasive segmental examination strategies (dimensions) were employed at each spinal segment from T11/T12 through L5/S1. Marginal to… Continue Reading »