General Interest Articles

Chiropractic Mission to Guatemala

“Look at the line of people, and it’s only Monday, our first day of work!” On this cold morning of February 18th in the city of Xelajú-Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, a long line of patients were waiting for the five of us who were going to work in the municipal commercial center (government center and shopping mall).… Continue Reading »

Exercises to Develop Adjusting Skills, Part 1

Cervical Spine Adjusting Skills To master the Gonstead adjustments requires physical agility (flexibility and position sense), focused strength, and speed. An adjustment is an athletic event. Those who learned toggle recoil upper cervical adjustments at Palmer in the old days should remember the exercises that were required in order to develop flexibility of the hand… Continue Reading »

Food and Bone Health

(From the March 2007 The “G”Note”) Can food help optimize bone health? It is said that one in three women and one in ten men over age 55 years will experience a fracture due to bone fragility as a result of osteoporosis. (Goldberg 2007) Diet is said to be a factor that can lead to or… Continue Reading »

Gonstead Doctor Biographies

Darald  E. Bolin, DC J. Richard Burns, DC Richard Cranwell, MS, DC Richard A. Gohl, DC Phyllis H. Markham-Richelieu, DC Steven M. Rindal, DC Peter Thibodeau, DC J. Larry Troxell, DC G. Douglas Valentine, DC, Ph.C. Darald E. Bolin, DC Salem, OR Darald Edison Bolin, one of the shining stars in the firmament of Oregon’s… Continue Reading »

Gonstead Resources List

This list includes articles sponsored by GCSS as well as other articles of interest to the Gonstead chiropractor. These articles have been published in major chiropractic peer-reviewed journals. They include biographical pieces, presentations on general or specific aspects of the Gonstead technique procedures, case reports: care of various disorder using the Gonstead technique, and miscellaneous scientific articles of interest… Continue Reading »

Hunter-Gatherer’s Diet

(From the December 2009 The “G”Note) Although this is not specifically about the Gonstead work, nutrition and diet has been part and parcel of the Gonstead technique and the growing wellness movement. There is a rising awareness that the “standard Western” diet is neither life-sustaining nor environmentally sustainable. Hamburgers, fries, milk shakes, sodas, and potato… Continue Reading »

New Neuroscience Findings

BRAIN IMMUNE SYSTEM: It was always supposed that constituents of the immune system didn’t exist in the brain. The blood/brain barrier was supposed to keep foreign objects out of the brain. Scientists have been surprised to find proteins that are involved in the immune response in the brain as well as the peripheral nervous system. Proteins,… Continue Reading »

One Doctor’s Report of Findings

There are plenty of opinions about the report of findings, commonly referred to as the ROF. The length and the content should surely be determined by you, the DC, and I encourage you to follow your intuition and refine your ROF as your career progresses. There are a few suggestions I have for you, which… Continue Reading »

Ten Things You Should Know About Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead

Dr. Gonstead was born July 24, 1898 in Willow Lake, South Dakota, and raised by traditional Norwegian parents. As a result of debilitating arthritis at the age of 18 years, Dr. Gonstead experienced chiropractic. In 1923, Dr. Gonstead graduated from Dr. B.J. Palmer’s Palmer School of Chiropractic (PSC). His first mentor was Dr. Olson, a… Continue Reading »


Pamela LeRoux-Troxell (The following letter was received at the Executive Offices of GCSS via Email. The letter arrived in September 2008 from a patient of Dr. Pamela LeRoux-Troxell.) To Whom It May Concern: In a world where it is so easy to complain about things, I think it is important to recognize the good and… Continue Reading »

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been making a splash in the news recently. There are numerous recent articles in scientific journals on the benefits of vitamin D. Below are a few of the articles and a synopsis of them. Some are readily available at your local public library or are free online. Researchers are gearing up to… Continue Reading »

What Practice Management Program are you with?

A few years ago at our clinic, I was informed that a recent graduate of a chiropractic college wanted to speak to me. After introductions, he said, “I see you’re busy. What practice management program are you with?” Not knowing how to answer and after what seemed a long pause, I replied, “Gonstead.” He asked,… Continue Reading »

Wow! Gonstead In Bolivia!!!

In May 2003, I had the privilege of traveling to Camiri, a small town south of Santa Cruz (one hour by small plane or 10 hours by bus) in the South American country of Bolivia. I was to meet up with a group of 57 college-aged men and women from my church who had already… Continue Reading »