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Gonstead Clinical Studies Society Position Statement:

Regarding the teaching of seminars to non DC’s and students not enrolled in an accredited chiropractic college:

Whereas a Non DC is a person or health care provider who has not graduated from a Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE), Europe Council on Chiropractic Education (ECCE), or Chiropractic Council on Education Australasia (CCEA) accredited chiropractic college or University, or has a DC degree but is not licensed and/or any other health profession including but not limited to , Physical Therapists, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Massage therapist, Acupuncturist, Naturopath and Bone setters.

And Whereas a Chiropractic student is one that is currently enrolled, has an active student ID and studying the Chiropractic curriculum at a fully accredited Chiropractic college or Chiropractic University accredited by the CCE, ECCE, CCEA

And Whereas the GCSS strongly opposes the teaching of any method of Chiropractic, especially the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic to any Non DC or any Non Chiropractic student or any student not actively enrolled in a CCE, ECCE, CCEA Chiropractic College.

And Whereas the GCSS is a research, teaching, education and promoting organization of the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic we take a clear and necessary stand against educating Non DC’s and Non Chiropractic students most importantly because this puts the public at risk as well as Chiropractic as a profession at risk

Therefore, any GCSS member teaching seminars must request verification of doctor of chiropractic or qualifying student via copies of doctorate degree or student identification card

Therefore the GCSS will not recognize any hours taken during any of these seminars and will not be able to be used for any GCSS certification

Additionally any GCSS member that knowingly teaches/holds seminars to Non DC or DC’s from a non-accredited college as well as any students, other health care practitioners, lay people etc. as described above will be given a warning in writing

Additionally if there is a second offense they will be removed from the membership for one year and if their seminar is advertised with any GCSS publication it will be removed for one year

Finally if it occurs a third time the GCSS member will lose their GCSS membership permanently.

The following schedules are subject to change. Consult each organization to register and confirm dates. There are links to each seminar organization located below the schedule for your convenience.  Refer back to this page as new seminars are added when dates and locations are announced.

June 22, 2019Dr. Currie Cervical Chair part 1, Intro to Pelvic AdjustingBournemouth, UK
June 29-30, 2019Dr. Currie Cervical Chair parts 1 & 2, Lumbars part 1Ramstein, Germany
June 30, 2019Dr. Plaugher Chiropractic Practice SeminarSan Francisco, CA
July 6-7, 2019Dr. Currie Cervical Pelvis and Sacrum, Finding SubluxationsShanghai, China
July 12-14, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Davenport Series #5, Seminar 6Davenport/Parkview, IA
July 13, 2019Dr Richard Thornton Seminars Thoracic Spine & Rib AdjustingConcord, CA
July 13-14, 2019Dr. Andrea Cecchi Seminars, Seminar #3Torino, Italy
July 19-21, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Hayward Series #8, Seminar 5Hayward, CA
July 19-21, 2019Mark Werking-Pediatric ExtremitiesPeoria, IL
July 20-21, 2019GMI/ExtremitiesMt. Horeb, WI
July 26-28, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Port Orange Series #3, Seminar 5Port Orange, FL
July 27, 2019Dr. Currie Mastering Lumbar AdjustingHayward, CA
August 2-4, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Hayward Series #8, Seminar 6Hayward, CA
August 10-11, 2019Gonstead Seminar, Inc.Australia
August 23-25, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Boiling Springs Series #5, Seminar 4Boiling Springs, SC
August 30-31, 2019Gonstead Seminar, Inc.Mt. Horeb, WI
August 31-Sept 1, 2019Dr. Currie Cervical Chair parts 1 & 2, Lumbars part 1Valencia, Spain
September 20-22, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Port Orange Series #3, Seminar 6Port Orange, FL
September 21-22, 2019Dr. Andrea Cecchi Seminars, Seminar #4Tornio, Italy
September 21-22, 2019GMI/Cervical ChairMt. Horeb, WI
September 21, 2019Dr Richard Thornton Seminars Lower & Upper CervicalRocklin, CA
September 21-22, 2019Dr. Currie Pelvis and Sacrum, Finding SubluxationsKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 28, 2019Dr. Currie Mastering Pelvic and Sacrum AdjustingHayward, CA
October 26-27, 2019**Gonstead Meeting of the Minds-XVI Read moreMarietta, GA
October 4-6, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Boiling Springs Series #5, Seminar 5Boiling Springs, SC
October 19-20, 2019Gonstead Seminar, Inc.Barcelona, Spain
November 8-9, 2019Gonstead Seminar, Inc.Chicago, IL
November 9-10, 2019GMI/Pelvic BenchDavenport, IA
November 22-24, 2019Dr. Wood Seminars Boiling Springs Series #5, Seminar 6Boiling Springs, SC
December 7, 2019Dr Richard Thornton Seminars Lower & Upper CervicalConcord, CA
December 14-15, 2019Dr. Currie Lumbars parts 1 & 2, Cervical Chair part 1Mexico City, Mexico

*April 27-28, 2019 – Gonstead Extravaganza
This annual event is co-hosted by the GCSS and the Gonstead Methodology Institute in conjunction with the GMI Knee-Chest Seminar. To register link to

**October 26-27, 2019 – Meeting of the Minds-XVI  “Heart Rate Variability & Advanced Case Management” This annual event is sponsored by the GCSS and takes place in various cities in the US. The purpose of the Meeting of the Minds is to create a forum for a serious discussion of specific aspects of the Gonstead System. Each year the meeting has a different topic for discussion with guest presenters, speakers, panels, and research updates. This year’s title is “Heart Rate Variability & Advanced Case Management” and takes place at Life University, Marietta GA.

   Read more . . .      Register here or call GCSS at 888-556-4277

Gonstead Seminar Contact Information:

Gonstead Clinical Studies Society
Gonstead Methodology Institute
Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic
Dr. Andrea Cecchi
Dr. J. David Currie Gonstead Adjusting Academy
Dr. Gregory Plaugher
415-412-5930 for registration
Dr. Richard Thornton Seminars
Werking Extremities
Dr. Wood Seminars

Student Workshops:

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